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How to add webpack plugins?

In your nuxt.config.js file, under the build option, you can pass webpack plugins, the same way you would do it in a webpack.config.js file.

In this example we add the webpack built-in ProvidePlugin for automatically loading JavaScript modules (lodash and jQuery) instead of having to import or require them everywhere.

import webpack from 'webpack'

export default {
  build: {
    plugins: [
      new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
        // global modules
        '$': 'jquery',
        '_': 'lodash'

Note: You might not need jQuery in a Vue-based app.

With Nuxt, you can also control plugins execution context: if they are meant to be run on the client or in the server builds (or differentiating dev and prod builds) within build.extend, where you can manually pass webpack plugins too.


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